There are thousands of ways to do something good on this earth.

What are you doing on your ways?

On my way I decided to plant trees & I would like to share this one path with you and experience it.

Andreas Artem – Founder & CEO

My vision is a forest-rich earth – green and alive. 40 years ago, I started to make this vision a reality. I started planting trees. I believed and still believe that even a single person can make a difference! Over time, a few trees became many. Very many. Whole forests.
If my vision is also yours, I invite you to join me in protecting existing forests. Contact me, I will support you with your first steps. For me it is the most wonderful way to invest money sustainably.

„Lots of trees – lots of life,
many people – many trees“

„Only someone who knows what beauty is looks at a tree or the stars or the sparkling water of a river with complete devotion, and when we really see, we are in a state of love.“

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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my current project
Habitat of an ecologic Future.
Grow your sustainable Garden.
Zero-waste. Emisson-free.
Biospheric Cells.