There are thousands of ways to do something good on this earth.

What are you doing on your ways?

On my way I decided to plant trees & I would like to share this one path with you and experience it.

Andreas Artem – Founder & CEO – thousands and 1 way.
Thousands of ways to make a contribution on this earth and give something back to nature to find your way.

That’s how this name was born. And it will plant many trees.

So I became the GARDENER OF WEALTH & help through my projects to produce good air and plenty of water with the help of the trees.

Lots of wood, fruits and a home for thousands of other creatures!
This list is almost infinite and no number of the world can grasp it.
And trees create feelings like:

Peace – Enjoyment of Life – Love – Gratitude – Freedom – Abundance – Happiness

Let’s get going – we’re planting right now to get warm.

„Lots of trees – lots of life,
many people – many trees“

We offer you 2 ways of support. Plant a symbolic tree with us or support planting projects around the world.

Our current planting project
in Portugal

Other planting projects in need of support

new introduced projects from all over the world

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No secret.
………………………. but a magic formula begins with it:

Without your action no additional symbolic trees will grow.

The earth will continue to enlarge the deserts, the water will disappear, no bird will fly.

Answer the universe with your deed!

The golden, green secret magic formula of infinite real growth is:

Plant a symbolic tree every year.

Start now, and if you don’t have time, we’ll do it for you. This year and next year, as a recurring order for your whole family, friends or company.
…thank you for your trust.

The company

Solve a little calculation for yourself.
This can also surprise you & motivate you to join our project.

How many people currently live on this planet + with an average lifespan of 60 years do they plant how many trees with the green golden secret formula each year?

Your result:

The clever ones can also calculate how much wood, how many fruits, how much air and how much water are produced.

And if only 10% of them give away a symbolic tree every year to people who don’t have the opportunity, how many will?

„Only someone who knows what beauty is looks at a tree or the stars or the sparkling water of a river with complete devotion, and when we really see, we are in a state of love.“

Jiddu Krishnamurti

I love planting trees and sharing this passion with many people.

For more than 30 years I have been planting trees with various projects.
In all my activities with this topic I realized that happiness and joy came when I personally planted trees, accompanied them for the first years, watered them and looked after them.
And after a few years I enjoyed the shadow under her crown, which also crowned me.

I have also experienced: at these places you can meditate wonderfully.
I would also like to invite you to share this experience in a shared forest bath.
With forest bathing I would like to bring people into a world which they learn to love and which becomes sacred to them.
You can find more information under the following link.

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